The IPRM Award (formerly the Michael Lunn Award)


The Michael Lunn Award was established in 1993 to commemorate a young research scientist at Wafer Technology Ltd. who became a victim of a car accident. Awardees were chosen by the organizing committee of IPRM on behalf of the III-Vs Review magazine. The award was given for the best paper presented at IPRM in the first three years following its introduction (1993-1995). The criteria were subsequently revised in 1996 to recognize individuals who have made “outstanding contributions to the InP community”. In 2007, the award was renamed the IPRM Award and has since been sponsored by the IPRM international steering committee.

IPRM Award Winner 2017: Prof. Sebastian Lourdudoss

IPRM Award Winner Sebastian Lourdudoss


Previous Recipients of the Michael Lunn Award


1993  Mitsuo Yamamoto, Norio Yamamoto and Junichi Nakano 1994  Theodore Thrush
1995  Dubravko Babic 1996  Tony Jones
1997  Joe Lorenzo 1998  Holger Jurgensen and staff at AIXTRON
1999  Jerome Faist 2000  Shigehisa Arai
2001  Gregory H. Olsen 2002  Dwight Streit
2003  Hideki Hasegawa 2004  Drew Nelson
2005  Tomohiro Kawase and Masami Tatsumi 2006  George Antypas



Previous Recipients of the IPRM Award



2007  Osamu Wada 2008  Andre Scavennec
2009  Mark Rodwell 2010  Hajime Asahi
2011  F. J. Tegude 2012  Brad Boos
2013  Yuichi Matsushima 2014  Abderrahim Ramdane
2015  Larry Coldren 2016  Takatomo Enoki
2017  Sebastian Lourdudoss  


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