CSW Best Student Paper Award


The CSW Best Student Paper Award was established for students who present their work as speakers or poster presenters. The awards are open only to students who are officially registered at a university by the abstract submission deadline. Awardees will be selected by members of the program committee based on abstract content and presentation quality. All papers by registered students will enter the competition for CSW Best Student Paper Award. Student award applicants are strongly encouraged to attend the award ceremony in the closing session.



CSW Best Student Paper Award Winner 2017

Best Student Paper Award Winner

Wenjie Lu, MIT
“Sub-20 nm Fin-Width InGaSb p-channel FinFETs”


Stefano Moroni, Tyndall National Institute
“Scalable semiconductor sources of entanglement: site-controlled, wavelength-tunable, entangledphoton emitting pyramidal quantum dots”


Jaan Freudenfeld, Paul-Drude-Institut
“Gaussian electron beam optics with quantum point contacts”


CSW Best Student Paper Award Winner 2016


Takuya Inoue, Kyoto University
“Two-wavelength Switchable Narrowband Thermal Emitters”


Bernhard Loitsch, Walter Schottky Institut, Technical University of Munich
“Quantum Confinement Phenomena in Ultrathin GaAs Nanowires”


Daisuke Inoue, Tokyo Institute of Technology
“10 Gbps Operation of Membrane DFB Laser on Silicon with Record High Modulation Efficiency”


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