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  • Oral presentations are held in the two lecture halls on the first floor (session A and B) and in two conference rooms on the third and fourth floor (session C and D).
  • Lecture halls are equipped with PC, beamer, remote control and laser pointer. One technical staff member attends each room.
  • Please bring your presentation on a USB memory stick. A staff member will assist you in uploading your presentation to the conference PC.
  • Presentations for the morning sessions must be uploaded before 8:15 h (7:45h on Wednesday). Afternoon presentations must be uploaded up to 15 min. before the start of the respective session. All presentations will be deleted from the conference PCs by conference staff.
  • All speakers should arrive 10 min before the start of their session to meet with their chairperson.
  • dbb forum will open at 6:00 h in the morning.
  • Invited presentations are allocated 25 min. plus 5 min. for discussion. Contributed oral presentations are scheduled for 15 min. The talks must finish after 12 min. in order to leave 3 min. for discussion. It is essential to adhere to this timing in order to guarantee synchronization of parallel sessions.
  • Poster sessions are held on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. They are held in rooms Kreuzberg (third floor) and Charlottenburg (forth floor) and in Atrium III (first floor).
  • Poster boards are labelled with numbers and pins are provided. The maximum size for your poster is 84 cm in width and 119 cm in height (DIN A0).
  • You may put up your poster before the start of afternoon session of the respective day. All posters should be mounted by 12:30 h to allow for viewing during the afternoon session – even though the official poster session starts later.
  • Posters that have been left behind will be removed at 8:00 h the following morning.




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