Quantum Devices Award


The Quantum Devices Award was initiated by Fujitsu Quantum Devices Ltd. in 2000, and is now sponsored by the Japanese section of the ISCS steering committee. The Award honors pioneering contributions to the field of compound semiconductor devices and quantum nanostructure devices including physics and epitaxial growth.



Quantum Devices Award Winner 2017: Prof. Nicolas Grandjean

Quantum Devices Award Winner Niclas Grandjean


Previous Recipients of the Quantum Devices Award


2000  Emilio E. Mendez and Gerald Bastard 2001  Leo P. Kouwenhoven, Mark A. Reed and Seigo Tarucha
2002  Yasuhiko Arakawa 2003  Pallab Bhattacharya
2004  Jean-Pierre Leburton 2005  Pierre Petroff
2006  Carlo Sirtori 2007  Umesh K. Mishra and James S. Speck
2008  Jean-Michel Gerard 2009  Joe Charles Campbell
2010  Chennupati Jagadish 2011  Alan C. Seabaugh
2012  David Gershoni 2013  Yoshiro Hirayama
2014  Connie Chang-Hasnain 2015  Maurice Skolnick
2016  Kazuhiko Hirakawa 2017 Nicolas Grandjean


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